Am I the Three Eyed Raven Series Finale

May 17, 2019

In this Episode of Game of Thrones, last of it's name, anything can happen. Can Allie predict what is to be?


Daenerys has gone full Mad Queen. Sure the descent was hastily written, and relatively unsupported by on-screen development, but it’s where we are, so we may as well accept it.

That being said, we now know logic or basic storytelling principles mean nothing on this show, so this week’s predictions are going off the rails.

Daenerys is gonna think she did a real good job of taking King’s Landing. She is unlikely to accept anyone’s criticism and will probably want to burn Jon, Tyrion and Davos for being traitors. Great start to what is sure to be a long and peaceful reign. NOT.

Which brings me to AeJon. We want him to be the pouty hero of this story, but will he? Grey Worm will obviously tell Daenerys that Jon ordered troops to fall back after he started getting spear-happy. Totally treason in this inexplicably insane queen’s mind. AeJon will have to flee with his men, maybe to Winterfell with Tyrion where he tells Sansa she was right? Those three geniuses are going to have to stage a coup while Dany embarks on her reign of terror with an angry Grey Worm by her side.

Arya needs to take Dany out, and I think she will. After Arya witnessed the destruction of Kings Landing first-hand, she’s added The Dragon Queen to her list. Her list is really short now, as everyone else on it is already dead.

I predict AeJon, Tyrion, Davos, Sansa, Arya, and whatever Northerners they have left are going to take Daenerys on. They may not all survive. I actually think Sansa may not make it.

Jon, could live through to the end, but he’s been clear about not wanting the Throne, so I think he’ll go back North to live out his sad days as brooding Lord of Winterfell.

So who do I believe will sit on the Iron Throne?
Tyrion. And he should, he’s earned it.
At this point, there aren’t many  heads of houses left, so it’s his, if he wants it.

Off the wall predictions (cause why not):

Ned Stark comes back to life as a literal crow.
Sam Tarly becomes Hand of the King, or Grand Maester
Arya Stark changes her mind, marries Gendry and becomes the lady of Storm’s End. They have a kid and name him Sandor Baratheon.
Bran Stark uses his visions to actually HELP his siblings.
Cersei and Jaime didn’t die, they just live in a quaint rubble house in the dungeons now.
Drogon won’t burn Jon because he’s the true Targaryen whatever. (This one might happen...)

Let's catch back up on Monday!