Am I the Three Eyed Raven Season 8 Episode 5 RESULTS

May 13, 2019

The penultiamte epside of Game of Thrones was, well it was. Predictions this week were spotty at best.


Ae-Jon and Daenerys… a lot of people think the situation between the two of them will become adversarial and violent, but I think she will realize Ae-Jon is her compliment, he will keep her from acting on impulse... Jon will help her learn to rule fairly, and she will I dunno, not blow people up.
Hard no. Could not have been more wrong. In a totally uncharacteristic and barely supported move, Dany went full Mad Queen and inexplicably burned down all of King’s Landing. There are seemingly no answers as to why, the whole move makes zero sense and I am not here for it. Thank god there’s only one episode left, so we won’t have to sit through sloppy explanations and story resolution much longer.

You know who isn’t going to cool his jets, no matter what Ae-Jon says? Grey Worm. Dude is pissed and he’s gonna ram his sword down Euron’s gross pirate throat.
Dude was pissed, and there was nothing stopping him from attacking soldiers who had already surrendered, but he wasn’t the one who stabby-stabbed Euron. Half point.

Arya and the Hound are on a mission, and my guess is they are gonna chat about it during their time on the road.
And they did! The two of them arrive at Kings Landing ready to go. Interesting how the hero of Winterfell made it south without anyone noticing, but dumbass Jaime Lannister got caught instantly.

The Hound has to stab his brother, The Mountain, and that zombie has got to go so Arya can at least attempt to murder Cersei, hard.
Almost. The Hound got his brother, eventually, but I did not anticipate his heroic speech to Arya, reminding her that there’s more to life than revenge. Easily the best part of the episode, though that isn’t saying much.

The character who baffles me, is Jaime, but I have a guess. I think he may be the one to kill Cersei, thus coming full-circle as the King/Queen slayer.
He kinda kingslayed, sorta, if you count Euron as a king (I think he won the title of King Douche ages ago). But he didn’t really kill Cersei. He just got squashed alongside her. Very anticlimactic deaths, if you ask me.

Aaron Rodgers…. is rumored to have a cameo in this week’s episode. My guess is, he’ll be there, and then dead within 5 minutes.
Apparently he was there. I didn’t see him, but he either got stabbed or burned, like everyone else did. Cool?