Am I the Three Eyed Raven Season 8 Episode 5

May 10, 2019

Man have these predictions gotten heated! I’ve gotten other people to weigh in (check out my GoT nerd sesh with Taylor Tomlinson on Comedy 103.1) and some debates have not been friendly.
But we’re down to the wire here! It’s the last two episodes. EVER.


Ae-Jon made the right choice to ride south rather than fly on Rhaegal (RIP) but I think he’s going to be a little disappointed when he sees Daenerys ready to burn the city down over an ugly chair.
A lot of people think the situation between the two of them will become adversarial and violent, but I think she will realize Ae-Jon is her compliment, he will keep her from acting on impulse, while she helps him be less dumb, overall. Jon will help her learn to rule fairly, and she will I dunno, not blow people up.

You know who isn’t going to cool his jets, no matter what Ae-Jon says? Grey Worm. Dude is pissed and he’s gonna ram his sword down Euron’s gross pirate throat. And you know what, he should! Get him Grey Worm. Get him.

Arya and the Hound are on a mission, and my guess is they are gonna chat about it during their time on the road. I do believe their paths will continue to go in the same direction, as The Hound has to stab his brother, The Mountain, and that zombie has got to go so Arya can at least attempt to murder Cersei, hard. I don’t think she’ll succeed, but not for lack of trying.

Who is Sansa gonna scheme with up north now that everyone is gone? If that lady is smart, which we know she is, she’s gonna use this solo time to cement her position as Queen in the North. Which she has earned. Take what is yours Sansa.

The character who baffles me, is Jaime, but I have a guess. I think he may be the one to kill Cersei, thus coming full-circle as the King/Queen slayer, and then I think Jaime will throw himself from a window, just as his son Tommen did, and just as he did to Bran Stark in episode one. Poetic, no?

Check back on Monday for the results!
Valar Morghulis.