Am I the Three Eyed Raven Season 8 Episode 4 RESULTS

May 6, 2019

Did Allie Hartwick see this week's episode of Game of Thrones in the flames? Only one way to find out!

Yes, we're all pretty heartbroken. Missandei, you we're too good for this world and we didn't deserve you.
But it's time to dry our tears and review my predictions (in italics).

Arya Stark... saved all of humanity with her badassery, and I hope Gendry thanks her appropriately at some point in this next episode.
Not only did he thank her, he wanted to make her Lady Baratheon of Storm's End! But, as Arya told her father in Season 1, she will never be a Lady. That's not her. Poor Gendry!

I think the crew down south (Cersei and Euron) will just rally their troops for now.
Not so much. The troops are rallied, and killing off adivsors and dragons. These two are TERRIBLE and they have to go.

I think Ae-Jon and Dany will come to an agreement, because I don't think Jon has any interest in ruling. 
I dunno that Daenerys is set on their agreement, but Jon seems pretty good on the whole not ruling thing. I called this one, but I doubt it will stay this way for long, not if Sansa has anything to say about it.

Sansa is gonna eat up the news that the throne is Jon's. She is not a fan of Dany's and will 100 percent support her brother-cousin's claim to the throne over hers.
When I'm right, I'm right. She swore not to tell anyone Jon's bloodline secret, and that lasted for two seconds. She wants Dany out and Jon in, and she's not being subtle about it.

I see a lot of love triangle development happening between Ser BrienneTormund and Jaime. Brienne needs to accept that while Jaime may care for her, he will never truly love anyone but his sister. Hopefully he lets her know that so she can move on to redder pastures.
Anyone surprised by Jaime leaving Brienne to go back to Cersei has not been paying attention. I'm glad the girl got hers, but seriously Jaime, did you have to play games with her like that? He had such a great character arc that has gone all the way back to a soul-crushing circle.

Tyrion is gonna have to get to work figuring out how the hell they are gonna take over Kings Landing with their army of 20.
Still waiting on this one Tyrion. Put the wine down and try to stop Daenerys from blowing up the city, ok?

Total Correct Predictions: 4.
No half bad!