Am I the Three Eyed Raven Season 8 Episode 3 RESULTS

April 29, 2019

Wow. That episode happened. Were Allie Hartwick's predictions right?


Post-Thrones Monday means it's time to go over my predictions from last Friday (in italics) and see how accurate they were. 
Not gonna lie, I'm pretty proud of this week.

The White Walkers may be at Winterfell, but the Night King is headed to Kings Landing. 
I'll admit it, I was WAY off on this one. It made sense, but was definately not the direction the show chose to go in. The Night King was at WInterfell pretty hardcore. Bad choice on his part.

Many men and momen and children died at the Battle of Winterfell. But, did I accurately guess who was among the fallen?

Theon Greyjoy. Signed his death certificate the second he volunteered to watch Bran in the Godswood. 
Yes. So much yes. Theon was a wonderfully developed character, and this was his obvious time to go. Thank you Theon, you were great.

Ser Davos.
No! Happy to be wrong as he lives to fight another day!

Lord Commander Edd (no last name). 
Yes, and it's totally Sam's fault. He spent most of the episode faliling on his back like an upside-down turtle, someone was bound to die while saving his ass!

Lyanna Mormont.
Devastated to be right on this prediction. At least she went out like the badass she was.

Jorah may have to take over his family house.
That may be hard to do from the grave. At least he died in the arms of the woman who could never love him back....

Jon, Dany, Sansa, Tyrion, The Hound, Arya, and Bran will all be safe. Anyone else is at risk, but I really think they will be good for now.
Not surprising that no primary characters died. It's still too early in the season for that.

I am, however, very surprised they went ahead and killed the Night King. I loved that Arya was the one to do it, but I figured they would keep that rerror around for more of the season!

What I am super concered about is the fact that all the women and children are hiding in the crypts, where they keep the dead people. 
I was right to be concerned! Those dead Starks came busting through their effigies, and I cannot beleive even Tyrion didn't see that one coming!

This Friday I'll have a brand new batch of predictions! It's safer to be a raven now that the Night King can't get me!