Am I the Three Eyed Raven Season 8 Episode 3

April 26, 2019

There's a big battle coming up in Westeros, can Allie Hartwick predict what will happen?


Game of Thrones finally gave us a bit to be happy about, which means they are going to quickly take it all away.
No one gets to party all night and win wars all day on this show!

I mostly hate internet theories on GoT (if you think Bran is the Night King you can leave forever, thanks) but there's one I see in the flames.
The White Walkers may be at Winterfell, but the Night King is headed to Kings Landing. Why would he get just some of the humans, when he can get all of 'em at once? His army is huge and he has a zombie dragon, taking out an unsuspecting King's Landing would be NBD.  I bet he splits the army, takes over King's Landing (lame Cersei escapes), and then plans to reunite the army to live in darkness forever.

The battle at Winterfell is gonna be rough, and people are gonna die. How many of those deaths will we care about? A few.
Here's my dead list:

Theon Greyjoy. Signed his death certificate the second he volunteered to watch Bran in the Godswood. This is it for you buddy.

Ser Davos. He's just so wonderful, and he's lived through so many battles before this. Ae-Jon may lose his friend this week, and it will be pretty darn sad.

Lord Commander Edd (no last name). We care just enough about him that he's gonna die, but not enough that his death will really effect the series. That's the GoT sweet-spot as far as sure-fire killing is concerned.

Lyanna Mormont. She's too great. We like her too much. She's this season's Oberyn Martell (RIP). She is so well loved that she will probably get a pretty epic death scene, so we can look forward to that. And Jorah may have to take over his family house, once she's gone.

Overall, I don't think the battle will take out too many of our favorites. Jon, Dany, Sansa, Tyrion, The Hound, Arya, and Bran will all be safe. Anyone else is at risk, but I really think they will be good for now.

What I am super concered about is the fact that all the women and children are hiding in the crypts, where they keep the dead people. Did they forget what the Night King's whole schtick is? COME ON!

Look for updates on Monday morning!