Am I The Three Eyed Raven? Season 8 Episode 4

May 3, 2019

Now that we've finally caught our breath following the most panic inducing Game of Thrones episode ever, it's time for Allie Hartwick to work her Westerosi magic on this week's episode.


Just in case someone who hasn't seen the episode is still reading (from under the rock where they live, I assume) I'll stall....

But oh my old gods and the new....

The Night King is dead! Turned into a million shards of icy stuff by everyone's favorite murderer, Arya Stark. She saved all of humanity with her badassery, and I hope Gendry thanks her appropriately at some point in this next episode. Total power couple. He makes weapons, she uses weapons. He rows boats, she... doesn't mind the sea? Plus, role-playing with Arya has got to be next level. Gendry is a lucky guy.

But now that the main baddie bad guy is gone, I guess we just have Cersei and Euron to hate? For most of this season (which I realize has been three episodes) they've been chilling in Kings Landing, just sucking so bad. Cersei sneers while Euron fails at being cool and just ends up looking like a try-hard D-bag. He might find out and care that Yara has escaped. The two of them will face off at some point this season, but I wouldn't bet on this episode. I think the crew down south will just rally their troops for now.

I'm looking forward to roll call at Winterfell following the battle. Should be pretty short. While few major characters died (RIP Jorah and Theon), every unnamed character kicked it, was briefly resurrected, then died forever. There aren't a whole lot of people left up north now.

Who's still there? Ae-Jon and Daenerys, Sansa, Arya, Gendry, Tyrion, Varys, The Hound, Gilly, Sam and Sam, Missandei and Grey Worm, Bran, Brienne, Jaime, Tormund, and Ser Davos.

The Targaryens are the new Lannisters as far as familial relationships go. I think Ae-Jon and Dany will come to and agreement, because I don't think Jon has any interest in ruling. Sansa is gonna eat up the news that the throne is Jon's. She is not a fan of Dany's and will 100 percent support her brother-cousin's claim to the throne over hers.

Tyrion is gonna have to get to work figuring out how the hell they are gonna take over Kings Landing with their army of 20. Arya can't do it all this time.

I see a lot of love triangle development happening between Ser Brienne, Tormund and Jaime. Brienne needs to accept that while Jaime may care for her, he will never truly love anyone but his sister. Hopefully he lets her know that so she can move on to redder pastures.

And Bran has got some 'splaining to do. 1. Jon is a Targaryen. 2. Jamie pushed him out of a window. 3. He peaced out during the battle, and hopefully he'll let us know why he was basically napping through it.

Maybe some of thios will happen, maybe it won't. We'll get back together on Monday to assess!

Valar Morghulis.