Am I The Three Eyed Raven? Season 8 Episode 2 RESULTS

April 22, 2019

And just like that, another episode of Game of Thrones has ended.
There are SO MANY SPOILIERS ahead, so don't read unless you want to know what went down in Season 8 Episode 2.

Now, time compare my predictions from Friday (in italics) to what actually happened on Sunday.

[Jon is] probably gonna start treating every single character he knows like poop, and either Arya or Daenerys will need to snap him out of it. There’s also a chance Tyrion could be the one to deliver the epic pep-talk.
Ae-Jon was absent for most of this episode. Dany was a bit miffed about that, until he revealed his identity and the mother of dragons was PISSED, for about two seconds, then the Night King showed up. I would say I called this one, for the most part. Absent and aloof Jon is basically the same as moody brooding Jon. I doubt they will discuss his lineage until after the next episode, but we'll go over that more on Friday.

I am LIVING for the Sansa and Dany Mean Girls plotline. The two of them are definitely going to build more side-eye tension this episode.
Yup. So. Much. Side. Eye. They had a moment where they started to find some common ground, but when Dany started to act like she owned all that ground, Sansa reminded her the North would not be having it. But, as I said they would, they are focused on the upcoming battle, and will bitch at each other later.

I think Bran will want Jaime to confess to his pushery, but deep down he knows the story is already written, and he needed that push to become the creep-ass time traveler he is today.
Do I know my weirdos, or do I know my weirdos?! Bran's storyline might be dull, but he's easy to predict.

Sansa and Arya will want to use this info to off Jaime, Baelish-style, but I think Jon will argue they need him to battle the Night King and request that his vengeful sisters kindly wait until after the war to execute him.
Yep Called it. I actually got this one dead on back in my episode one predictions. In case you forgot, I've included them below.

Season 8 Episode 1:
Brienne will likely be the one to convince Sansa to allow Jaime into Winterfell, because Sansa probably would rather he meet a Littlefinger fate.
I know, it's scary how accurate I am!

Is it going to be awkward for Brienne to have her crush and her stalker in the same courtyard? Probably! I maintain Tormund will be the lucky guy to get the knight, but he is probably going to feel a little jelly of Jaime.
It's official, when Bran bites the dust, I can step in as the next Three Eyed Raven. This was the most wonderful awkward interaction in TV history. Tormund tried to flex by recounting tales of giants and... um... feedings, and Jaime one-upped him by Knighting Brienne. I could watch this scene over and over and love it every time.

Cersei’s story is oh so boring right now… she’s prob just chillin’ in the Red Keep.
Happy they left her out of this episode, not only because it means I am right in my episode prediction, but because we didn't have to watch her sneer at people this week.

I did NOT see the Gendry and Arya slam-fest happening, but I am so very glad it did. I stood up and clapped. Get it Arya!
I also missed a lot of the Tyrion storyline, but I think that was mostly filler. I'll think on him more for next week.


Accurate plot point guesses:
7! Doubled last week! 
My prediction skills have really improved.