Am I the Three Eyed Raven? Season 8 Episode 2

April 19, 2019

One week down, five to go. Can our wannabe Three Eyed Raven predict the future of Westeros? Let's see. (cue music)

Season 8 Episode 2

Jon, I mean, Aegon Targaryen 6th of his name, just got a TRUTH BOMB dropped on him by our old buddy Sam (who is now the head of his house, I think?). I doubt he’s gonna glide through this one gracefully, as crises of character are kind of Jon’s specialty. Remember in Season 1 when he tried to abandon the Night’s Watch like, three episodes after he took his vows? I do. He makes impulsive decisions when he’s upset and usually needs to be bailed out by a cooler character because of them. So he’s probably gonna start treating every single character he knows like poop, and either Arya or Daenerys will need to snap him out of it. There’s also a chance Tyrion could be the one to deliver the epic pep-talk. I’d actually love to see him snap Jon out of his 23andMe anxiety spiral.

I am LIVING for the Sansa and Dany Mean Girls plotline. However, Dany needs to cool her jets. She can’t bust into Sansa’s house and be all “I own this now, but you’re pretty,” and expect things to be cool! The two of them are definitely going to build more side-eye tension this episode, but I do believe they will be able to set their differences aside once the night king comes knocking, which will be in Episode 3.

Bran and Jaime need to talk. Obviously time does not heal all wounds, as Bran still can’t walk and is super bitter about it. He may have let go of all sense of time and social propriety, but he is holding on tight to this grudge! I think Bran will want Jamie to confess to his pushery, but deep down he knows the story is already written, and he needed that push to become the creep-ass time traveler he is today. Sansa and Arya will want to use this info to off Jaime, Baelish-style, but I think Jon will argue they need him to battle the Night King and request that his vengeful sisters kindly wait until after the war to execute him. I do want to see Arya kick Jaime’s ass in a sword fight, hopefully it happens this episode!

Is it going to be awkward for Brienne to have her crush and her stalker in the same courtyard? Probably! I maintain Tormund will be the lucky guy to get the knight, but he is probably going to feel a little jelly of Jaime. Then he will remember, or yeah, child zombies and body part spirals, and get over it.

Cersei’s story is oh so boring right now. She’s gonna have a real Maury Moment on her hands when both Jaime and Euron think they are the father of her baby, but for now, all she cares about are elephants. She wants them. She needs them. Why can’t she have them?! Since her basic plan is to just wait for the White Walkers to kill everyone she doesn’t like and rule over the death infested wasteland that comes from battles with the undead, she’s prob just chillin’ in the Red Keep.

This episode is short, under an hour, but we do know Episode 3 will feature a battle at WInterfell. Maybe the one Melisandre saw in the flames? If that witch shows up, I’m not going to be pleased. SO yeah, expect a visit from everyone’s favorite King layer. See what I did there?

On Monday, We'll assess my obviously spot-on predictions.