Am I The Three Eyed Raven? Season 8 Premiere RESULTS

April 15, 2019

Game of Thrones is back, and I totally think I know what's gonna happen. Sort of. A little. Not really.
WARNING: This post is dark and full of SPOILERS

Let's compare my predictions from Friday (in italics) to what actually happened on Sunday. I already know I was really off base on a few of these.

Jon and Dany are gonna be chillin’ on their love boat for most of this episode.
Nope. Could not have been more wrong on this one. Literally first scene. Within two minutes of the open they were discussing how to feed Daenerys' dragons. Must have been the fastest boat in Westeros.

This also means Jon won’t find out his real name is Aegon Targaryen, and he just banged his aunt on a ship. 
Yeah, not so much. It didn't happen right away, but he sure knows he's in love with his aunt now. And he knows his real name, which I'm sorry, he accepted as truth WAY too quickly. How bout some questions, Jon? If Sam had told you he and Gilly were your real parents, would you also have just accepted it?! COME ON!

Bran and and Sam will have a disagreement about how and when to tell Jon about his regal birth parents.
Nah, wasn't really much of a conversation. Sam was just like "I got this" and went for it, hard.

Bran is just straight up weird now. Maybe three eyed ravens don’t have friends.
100% accurate. Good job, me.

Jon and Dany may not make it to Winterfell this episode, but I bet Jaime Lannister will. 
I swapped timelines with Jaime's arrival and the Targaryen's. It was the Kingslayer who arrived just before the credits, which I knew the second we saw the back of his hooded head. I'm gonna take this one as a win, because timing aside, I was right.

Tormund and Berric are gonna be fine. They were on the wall when the zombie ice dragon (that definitely has a name but I don’t know it) brought it down. 
Tormund is alive and got the best line of the episode. However Bran totally stole their thunder and told Dany about the dragon first. I figured they'd make it to Winterfell this episode, but they'll get there eventually I'm sure.

Cersei. Besides plotting, what’s she up to this episode? Probably just sneering about that tool bag Euron Greyjoy and his journey back from Essos with the Golden Company. 
Cersei got more screen time than I expected, but I was right to assume the only thing she's really doing is Euron. I hate that guy. Barfo.

Shout out to Theon for saving Yara and decided to go fight for the North! That takes balls. Too soon?

Plot points guessed correctly: 3.5 (I took a half point for Tormund)
Now, time to find a tree, roll my eyes back and have some visions about next week's episode!