Am I The Three Eyed Raven? Season 8 Premiere

April 12, 2019

Like millions of people across the country, I am fully obsessed with Game of Thrones. This Sunday, the final season premeieres, and oh boy, a LOT is going to happen. While I'm not as moody and weird as Bran Stark, I do like to think I have some television intuition. I'll be putting that inutition to the test each Friday, and then assessing my episode predicitions each Monday. I may get some stuff right, I will definitely get some stuff wrong, but I have to know if maybe I'm a modern, non-magical Three Eyed Raven!

So here goes - Season 8 Episode One (cue theme music)

Jon and Dany are gonna be chillin’ on their love boat for most of this episode. Timelines for travel in Westeros are inconsistent to say the least (Jon made it to Dragonstone in an episode and it took Arya three seasons to go a quarter of that distance), so time-wise, an arrival in Winterfell could happen at the beginning of the episode, but I think it will make for a better ending to have Dany ride into Winterfell and meet Sansa, just before the credits roll. I can picture it quite clearly. Sansa says something super dramatic, looks are exchanged, cut to black. This also means Jon won’t find out his real name is Aegon Targaryen, and he just banged his aunt on a ship. Yet.

Bran and and Sam will have a disagreement about how and when to tell Jon about his regal birth parents. Bran has zero social skills or concept of what’s appropriate, so my guess is he’s more than ready to spill the dragon beans. Sam, well Sam understands that Jon has a city to lead, and a pretty significant war to win. Sam may want to hold off on giving Jon this potentially rule-shifting info until he and Dany have used up all her dragons and armies on the white walkers.
Do I sense an odd friendship forming between Sam and Bran? No. Bran is just straight up weird now. Maybe three eyed ravens don’t have friends.

Jon and Dany may not make it to Winterfell this episode, but I bet Jaime Lannister will. I wouldn’t expect the North to welcome the Kingslayer with open arms, but I know Brienne would gladly do so with open legs. Yes, I know, her and Tormund are perfect for eachother, but she’s gotta get this wealthy bad boy out of her system before she can move on to her soulmate, the ginger wildling. Westerosi love triangle aside, Brienne will likely be the one to convince Sansa to allow Jaime into Winterfell, because Sansa probably would rather he meet a Littlefinger fate.

Tormund and Berric are gonna be fine. They were on the wall when the zombie ice dragon (that definitely has a name but I don’t know it) brought it down. But, in a self-spoiler move, HBO included both of them in the trailer for this season, so we know they live. For now. I assume they are headed for Winterfell, like everyone except for Cersei is. These two will 100% beat the night king and the army of the dead there, because those dead people move SLOW. Like, Arya in every other season slow. I think they will arrive shortly before Jon and Dany, and man on man do they have something to tell the Queen about one of her ‘babies.’

Cersei. Besides plotting, what’s she up to this episode? Probably just sneering about that tool bag Euron Greyjoy and his journey back from Essos with the Golden Company. She might care a tiny bit about Petyr Baelish’s execution, but for a nanosecond, because it was his time to go. That’s assuming she would even get a raven about that. Seems like Sansa and Co. have had a lapse in communication with Kings Landing.

So, will my predictions be right or wrong? Only HBO and the entire series cast knows!