Three Things You Need to Know on February 11th

February 11, 2019

Denver Public Schools teachers will be on the picket lines today, in the district's first strike in more than two decades.  The union walked out of talks over the weekend after another offer from the district. Talks between the two sides could resume as soon as tomorrow. 

The City of Denver is offering help for families impacted by the DPS teacher strike.  Mayor Hancock says city recreations centers and library locations will be providing additional support for parents who choose to hold their kids out of school.  All 30 recreation center locations will be open daily at 8 a.m, with free access through the MY Denver Card.  The mayor is also encouraging city departments to work with staff members to accommodate any child care needs. 

There's another candidate to consider in 2020. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar officially launched her candidacy in Minneapolis yesterday.  Klobuchar is running as a moderate and said she's tired of the shutdowns, the gridlock and grand standing.  Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is heading to New Hampshire this week.  It's his latest stop in early primary states as he considers a run for the White House next year.