Three Things You Need to Know on January 30th

January 30, 2019

It's chilly in Denver, but the Midwest is beyond freezing. The coldest weather in a generation has already killed at least six people. In many places, temperatures are close to 40 degrees below average, and well below zero. Government offices and schools will be closed in some cities, and other services including mail delivery will be suspended in many parts of the Midwest. 

In Chicago, "Empire"  actor Jussie Smollett was attacked on Tuesday by two men yelling racial and homophobic slurs. The 36-year-old openly gay actor was leaving a Chicago restaurant when two suspects allegedly threw a rope around his neck and doused him with a chemical, while also shouting "MAGA Country." Police say they are treating the attack as a possible hate crime.  

A controversial bill on sex education in public schools will be in front of a state House committee today.  The measure would prevent a curriculum being taught based on abstinence only.  It also includes language barring the exclusion of relational experiences of the LGBTQ community.  Supporters say it's necessary to teach things like self-acceptance and consent, while those against say it's too radical.  Schools would have the option to not teach sex education at all.