Chicken Diapers are a Thing Now

August 13, 2018

It's National Left-Handers Day! Know a leftie? They're pretty special. Only 15 percent of the population is left-handed. Lefties also like to drink more than righties do. It will come as no surprise that our dear friend Hartwick is a leftie.

According to a shocking (and very questionable) new study, men also care for their partner’s well-being in times of sickness.Researchers from the University of Oxford were stunned to discover that men respond to their spouse's illness just as much as women do. Men take over errands and housework when their partners are ill, and provide some much needed TLC. This feels... not right.

Chicken diapers are a thing? Yes. They were described as "Levi Strauss meets Calvin Klein," presumably by someone who is completely unfamiliar with both brands. Who would buy such a thing? Apparently, chicken owners who want to bring their pets inside, without getting poo all over the place. Maybe leave the birds in the coop?