Queen Week: Allie's Top 5 Favorite Queen Tunes

October 29, 2018

It's Queen Week on 99.5 The Mountain!

I'm Allie Hartwick- you can hear me weekday mornings from 6-9am with Mike Casey. Here are my favorite Queen songs.

5. I Want to Break Free - Great song complete with a video that was banned in the US because the band dressed in drag. Love it on a lot of levels.


4. Killer Queen - Yes, I know it's technically about a call-girl, but I like to imagine it's just about some badass lady who stores her champagne artistically. That way, I can relate to it.


3. Bohemian Rhapsody - While this song has been around since well before I was, the first time I remember hearing it was in Wayne's World. SO iconic. While I wasn't allowed to see the movie when it came out, somehow EVERYONE my age knew the Mirthmobile scene and begged their parents to recreate it in the car. It is also delightful to assign parts and sing/shout along to now.


2. Somebody to Love - If I ever magically wake up a great singer, this would be my karaoke go-to. It's already my 'sing in the shower' song, but I've broken a lot of glass trying to hit Freddie's high notes. My rendition is horrendous, but the song is amazing. An anthem only Queen could create.


1. Don't Stop Me Now - This song was scientifically proven to be the happiest song ever written (citation HERE). If you don't dance to this song, your heart is made of stone. I'm looking at you Casey.

Thanks for checkin' out my favs!