6 Things to Do in Denver This Weekend, That Don't Totally Suck

March 8, 2019

Avalanches are literally burying I-70, so take a break from skiing for the weekend. Here are just a few things to do around town, and we promise, they won't leave you buried in feet of snow.


Frozen Dead Guy Days

This annual weekend-long event in Nedeland is one of Colorado's quirkiest, least serious, and most enjoyable festivals. How many festivals do you know that center entirely around the mere existence of a frozen old man? I just know the one, and it's going down in Ned. From a parade, to coffin races, to music and drinks, the festival's got everything you could want!
Details on the dead guy here.

Retro Onesie Sale at Coda Brewing

Okay, the onesies aren't free, but it is totally free to peruse some of the amazing, retro ski-onesies for sale at Coda Brewing in Golden this weekend. They have over 300 available, which may sound like plenty, but they aren't making any more of these babies, so get there fast if you want a fabulous, and probably neon find!

Info on this throwback sale here.


Free Yoga for International Women's Day
free (duh)

REI's Flagship store will host a free lunchtime yoga session to help women find balance on this International Women's Day. Nice way to kick off the weekend, with a little self-care. The class is free, but registration is recommened.

Register here.


Wynkoop Brewing Day of Dorks

Are you a total dork, and proud of it? Well Wynkoop Brewing supports you! Come on by and sample beers from over 30 breweries, and help supply the next generation of dorks, literally. Wynkoop will be collectiong school supplies to help students become the nerds of tomorrow!

Details and tickets here.

Lil Rel at Comedy Works Larimer Square

If you saw Get Out and Bird Box, congratulations. You have that in common with a huge portion of America. If your favorite part of each of those movies was Lil Rel, congrats, you chose favorites wisely. Rel is performing at Comedy Works this weekend! 

TIckets here!


Blue Moon Brewing 5k

WIll run for beer. If this is your motto, we've got a great race for you. Blue Moon is hosting a 5k on Sunday morning, so you can get your steps in early, then raise a glass or two. The "race" is super casual, and there are no winners or losers. Well, every participant gets a beer and a souvenir pint glass, so maybe everyone is a winner.

Register for the run here.