5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas That Aren't Completely Impersonal

February 14, 2019

In case you hadn't noticed, today is Valentine's Day. If you have been putting off getting your S.O. a gift, and maybe have run out of time, or ideas, here are a few last minute suggestions, that aren't super lame.

Raid the Amazon Account

Do you share an Amazon account with your significant other? If so, see what's "Saved For Later" in the cart, or if they have created any Wish Lists. Denver is one of the fortunate cities that features same-day delivery on some items. Keep your fingers crossed that one of those is on the Wish List, or use the lists as inspiration and buy one at a brick-and-mortar store. Just don't buy brick and mortar, it doesn't make for the most romantic gift.

Restock the Bar

There's nothing worse than coming home to an empty wine rack. Show your sweetie that you care about them, and their alcohol-ralted needs, by buying a few bottles on your way home from work. Many wine shops will have someone on hand to give you recommendations that will knock their socks off, and even let you taste a few. If wine isn't their thing, grab ingredients for a killer craft cocktail and bring the swanky bar to you! 

Buy a Board Game

Valentine's Day is about enjoying time with people you love. Games and a little friendly competition can make for a memorable evening, no reservations needed. Pair games with takeout and a drink, and you'll show this Valentine's Day who's boss (hint: its you).

Start an Herb Garden

Stick with me on this one. Flowers are great, but they die, and have become a bit unoriginal. If you have to get your Valentine something plant-related, why not go for a pot of live basil, or mint? You can keep the little guys alive inside with plenty of sunshine and water, then when the weather turns, your gift can live outdoors, for all the world to see. Months after everyone has chucked their brown, wilted roses, your love basil will be growing strong.

Instant Photo Memories

Have you tried an Instax Mini yet? They are the Polaroid cameras for the millennial generation, but come on, anyone can use them. Physical photos are still fun to have, and there's something wonderful about watching these little rectangles develop. You can create your own at-home photobooth, or bring it with you for whatever plans you may have. The camera is cheap, but film can get expensive, so snap wisely! These are also available at Target and WalMart, which means they're easy to get ASAP.